Amanda Law: Creative Director/Photographer

Amanda Law: Creative Director/Photographer

Coming from a long line of passionate shutterbugs, I grew up with photography.  In college, I chose to study photography to pair technical expertise with my love for the camera. After a brief stint in New York, I chose Nashville to pursue my career, and so far the experience has been great! 

Now with nearly a decade of experience, I specialize in portrait photography and beauty portraiture. I love to capture a person’s confidence and personality by making them feel comfortable and at ease in front of my camera.  With an eye for detail, I strive to capture the beauty in every moment and the essence of what makes it special!

I also enjoy doing wedding photography with Mayur, and you can see more of our wedding photography portfolio here.



Mayur Phadtare: Business Manager/Photographer

Mayur Phadtare: Business Manager/Photographer

Specialty: Corporate headshots and e-commerce & product photography

I spent 6 years to get two degrees in engineering and then 7 years in the corporate world. After a hectic week at work I spoke with my wife Arpita and her exact words were 'You know where your passion lies. Take the plunge now, so that you don't have any regrets when you are 60'. Always knowing that she is the smarter one, I took her advice, became a full time photographer and have enjoyed every moment of it since! 

My corporate & manufacturing background is helpful for this venture - I can talk the business talk and understand products well. Hence, it only made sense that I cater to the business community in Nashville as a commercial photographer. When talking with a potential client, I try and understand their passion behind their creations. I study the important features of the products, since it is important to highlight them through my work. At the same time, I rely on my corporate background to complete any assignment as a well-planned project. I insist on using project management tools to execute client projects, which helps in a smooth process flow and higher customer satisfaction.

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Elijah Rodney

Elijah - Photographer


Jared - 1st Assistant


Logan - Intern


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