My Newest Teachers

One of my former colleagues had this saying as part of her email signature, ‘Experience is a hard teacher. You take the test first and learn the lesson afterwards.’  I have always believed a person’s capabilities are a result of the interaction between skills and experience. A skill (or lack of it) gets you an experience, and different experiences help you master new skills.

In my case, lack of experience has been a brutal teacher. I was a nobody on social networks until recently. My only stint in sales before becoming a photographer was in high school, when I went door-to-door and sold car detailing kits. And in my corporate job, I was on the other side of the table as a Purchasing Manager. I have made so many mistakes trying to market myself as a photographer that I am surprised I am still in the game.

I am fortunate to have Michael Gomez as my teacher and mentor. I owe my headshot photography skills to him. Honestly, if I make it as a photographer, Michael will have a lion’s share in my success.

But, as I said in my previous blog, you are humbled when teenagers give you a life lesson. Brady and Morgan were those teenagers for me. After a bad start to the day, I met this couple for a prom shoot late afternoon. Here’s what I learned from them:

-  Life is full of battles, and you will lose some of them. Enjoy those little moments when you win one. For Morgan, her prom day was her victory, and she celebrated it by dancing with her date in the middle of Downtown Nashville. Her vibrant energy catches up with you, and suddenly life doesn’t seem so bad after all!  

-  You’re not going to succeed at everything in life. But your chances improve with the right attitude, and Brady has that attitude. At an early age, he as a composure that I am yet to find in myself.

I am glad Amanda and I did this shoot. These young people are my newest teachers!

Below are some pictures from the shoot!




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