Beverage Photography: Basil Gimlet

My friend John Bailey and I, we have been on quite the shooting spree. Some days ago, we shot a basil gimlet, made using Tito’s Handmade Vodka. 

The ingredients: 

Basil gimlet cocktail made using Tito's Handmade Vodka

Basil gimlet cocktail made using Tito's Handmade Vodka

  • 2 oz. Tito’s Handmade Vodka

  • .75 oz lime

  • .50 oz simple syrup

  • Coupe (or the glass)

  • Basil garnish

The process: 

The concept was fairly simple! John made the drink using his exemplary bartending skills. I had the set partially ready, with a bright overall look in mind. The final image turned out somewhat different though. 

John made the drink with lovely basil garnish. Well, the garnish died fairly quickly, despite putting it in water. So we changed to lime garnish instead. It was somewhat better, even though greener, fresher lime would have been better. We let some of the dead garnish float in the drink. I just had to freshen it up in post, which I think I did an above average job at. For next time, we need to figure out how to keep the basil alive. 

We kept the scene pretty simple. The drink in a coupe and the vodka bottle. I wanted to add more props - cut lime on the tray, the syrup bottle, the mixer etc. But we had just about an hour at the studio before a rental came in. Lesson - have more time at hand. I also had to get rid of fingerprints in post. Wonder if John can make the drink with gloves on…

The last step, complete the shoot and drink the cocktail! We had made enough of the cocktail, to where everyone at the studio (except our <21-year-old intern, of course) got a taste of it! Just a taste though, no one got drunk! 


Mayur is a product photographer in Nashville Tennessee. You can see more of his advertising and commercial photography work on his website.

PS: I don't know why I refer to myself in the third person in the footer statement. Everyone does that I guess, and I am being a sheep here...following the herd.