Client Spotlight: CJ Cravens

How We Met: CJ and I go a few years back. She worked for me, and then with me as an ops manager in Cookeville. For over ten years, she worked in the factory on 3rd shift. As for me, coming from an office background, I found that to be impossible. And I was lucky enough to never have to do that. For me, CJ stood out of the crowd. Of the 600 or so people who worked at the factory, she was among the few who didn’t have a new topic to complain about daily. When you are surrounded by 300K sq.ft of pessimism, it’s hard to keep your head above the water and smile. Sometimes I feel that I am exaggerating that experience in my mind. Other times, I remember people being just civil enough to not throw the widgets we at the factory made at each other. 

Make up artist CJ Cravens
CJ being herself on the set!

Anyways, back to CJ and I. She recently reminded me of a conversation she had with me. I mentioned I wanted to do something else other what I was doing back then. She said that I needed to chase my passion. A few weeks and some other conversations later I quit my job. And a few months and conversations later, she too quit her job. That’s how I am a photographer and web designer today, and she is a hair and makeup artist. 

What She Does: CJ is a master colorist with specialties in blonding and creative colors! She has advanced quickly in her 4 years in the industry with a strong focus on special event creative design. She is full of energy and loves a grand adventure. Her motto is "when you look great, you feel great. When you feel great, you perform great!

Referrals: Brides, musicians, and other artists are great referrals for CJ. Photographers and artist managers are good referral partners for her. 

Business Portrait in Nashville for CJ Cravens

The Shoot: Our intent with the shoot was to help CJ with her branding and give her some fun images at the same time. We kept the lighting and composition fairly simple. Overall the images turned out great, and we had a great day! 

Fun during the session!

Fun during the session!


Mayur is a headshots and business portraits photographer in Nashville Tennessee. You can see more of his photography work on his website.