Client Spotlight: Heydi Lopez, Owner of Believe2bfit with Heydi

Nashville headshot for Heydi Lopez

How We Met: Heydi contacted me via my website ( to get some images made for herself and her business. As we talked on the phone, I realized we have similar backgrounds. We are both immigrants to this great nation. Both of us went to school for engineering and chose to give up our corporate careers to pursue what many would call unrealistic goals. Both of us have friends and family who continue to support us, and perhaps it is this support that makes the unrealistic seem possible.

First Impressions: Integrity is Heydi’s natural trait. And I don’t attribute traits lightly to anyone, especially one like integrity. I have been in touch with her over several months, and I can attest to her strong character. Other less ‘goosebump-inducing’ of her qualities include a friendly nature and ability to get along with people. 

More about Heydi: Heydi is a native of Panama who migrated to the US as a young adult to pursue her college education. She received her degree in electrical engineering from City College of New York. It was here that Heydi met her husband Neff, and thus began an incredible journey that has now lasted over 23 years.  Neff and Heydi have 2 teenage children Bryan (16) and Giselle (14), who are their pride and joy.

Heydi worked in corporate America as an engineer for 15 years prior to pursuing her calling as a wellness coach. Her journey in the health and fitness industry began as a group fitness instructor 10 years ago. 

Heydi’s passion to empower and help her students become healthier versions of themselves was the motivating factor for her to get certified as a personal trainer.

Her approach towards health and fitness is different from the rest. She strongly believes that “the body achieves what the mind believes” and therefore her coaching approach focuses on mindfulness towards habits of health in her client’s lifestyle. Focusing on 4 key aspects of wellness, namely, sleep, hydration, nutrition, and exercise, Heydi is committed to being a strong coach, supporter and reliable resource for all her clients.

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IG: believe2bfitwheydi

FB: Believe2BFit with Heydi


The Shoot: Heydi’s shoot had the elements of fitness and fun to it. We did a few looks in a public park and then did some inside the studio. 

Lighting: While I used natural light with a hint of fill outside, I used strong edge light for one of the studio looks. As before, my lighting diagrams are just rough sketches. I made it through the arts and sketching classes in school owing to the mercy of the teachers and coloring sticks of friends. I am surprised I chose to work as a photographer. 

We were able to make a few headshots, some fitness portraits, and some yoga portraits too!

Power of Personal Networks: I am part of a networking organization called BNI. While Heydi came to me as a client, I referred her to two of my BNI team members - a web designer (Tyler Krause of Conversion First Marketing) and a printed products supplier (Todd Quillin of Quillco Printing). Heydi ended up using both their services. Networking works, and if you don’t think it works, you either haven’t tried it yet or need to do it better. 

Note: I do not receive any favors from BNI for mentioning the organization in my posts. I wish I did.

PS: If you wish to visit my BNI chapter and meet amazing professionals and make great connections, feel free to contact me. You can get more information about the BNI Williamson County Chapter at the link below. 

BNI Williamson County


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