Client Spotlight: Larry Burch & Traxx Mobile Tire, Inc.

Larry Burch of Traxx Mobile Tire, Inc.

Larry Burch of Traxx Mobile Tire, Inc.

How We Met: BNI! Yes, folks, I met Larry at my first visit to the BNI Williamson County chapter. ‘What is BNI?' you might ask. Well, read more here. I immediately connected with Larry, as he was offering exactly what I was looking for. 

First Impressions: Meticulous is the word that comes to my mind to describe Larry’s work ethic. I can vouch for him because I have used his services. All our fellow BNI members speak highly of Larry and wouldn’t hesitate to vouch for him either. 

Larry is married to Sara and the couple has two children, Lauren and Harrison. In the past, Larry worked in the field of finance for a global corporation. 

Traxx Mobile

Traxx Mobile

Business: Larry is the owner of Traxx Mobile Tire based in Nolensville, TN.  The company specializes in installing 2 or 4 new tires at the location of the client’s choosing. Larry is passionate about keeping his customers safe while providing quality service and great tires.  Traxx Mobile Tire offers multiple tire brands and specializes in saving customers time by installing their new tires at their home or office.  

You can learn more about Larry and his business at the links below.


Referrals: A good referral for Larry is a busy professional that lacks the time to travel to a traditional tire store or a busy family with multiple commitments throughout the week.  Traxx Mobile Tire is both a service of need and convenience!

Another good referral is, well, just a lazy professional like me. Continue reading to find out why. 

My Experience: When I was driving to the BNI meeting that fateful morning, I realized that my vehicle was slipping on the wet streets. Now, if you have an all wheel drive and that too a tank lovingly known as a Jeep Wrangler, you have a certain level of arrogance. All wheel drives, they climb mountains, what’s a little water on the street going to do? Well, I just experienced what bald tires can do. I knew the tires were a few (read several) thousand miles beyond their lives, but I had just been procrastinating. And when I saw Larry at the meeting, I immediately connected with him and asked him to help me out. He inspected my vehicle’s tires at the meeting venue. Later that day, I received a quotation, and he came to my place next week to get the work done. 

Larry did the job in a professional manner and explained all the necessary details to me. I couldn’t stay the entire time since I had an appointment, but from what I saw, the job was done keeping safety mind (that is important to me since I worked in a factory and have seen nasty yet preventable injuries). 

The Shoot:

I would call this one an advertising photography session catered to a website. We worked with Larry and our web designer friend Tyler Krause of Conversion First Marketing to conceptualize the shoot. The website was going to be designed to explain Larry’s workflow and we had to design the session accordingly. 

The Procurement Process: My incredibly good-looking colleagues Amanda Law and Jared Olson posed as models, and also partnered with me in the actual shoot. Amanda’s fiancé John generously donated his car for the shoot, and we carelessly inflicted damage to it, which John doesn’t know of till date. And for whatever reason, he believes his stick-shift car's reverse gear is hard to deploy. Boy, you don't know hard to deploy till you've driven a Jeep!

Larry with our handsome model Jared Olson. For booking inquiries...don't...just don't!

Larry with our handsome model Jared Olson. For booking inquiries...don't...just don't!

The Damsel in Distress played by Amanda Law!

The Damsel in Distress played by Amanda Law!

The Location: My good friend John Murphy agreed to let us use his mile-long driveway for the shoot.

I won’t go too much into the technical details of the session (mostly because I want to avoid the embarrassment of people realizing my lack of technical skills ;)). Like any photography session, this too had the elements of lighting and composition in it. However, as I said earlier, our intent was to capture Larry’s workflow and tell Traxx Mobile Tire’s story while focussing on the traditional aspects of photography. 

In Conclusion: Shoot was great and Larry was happy and he is doing great in his business, which is the battle won for us! And that’s all folks! 

Disclaimer: No vehicles were damaged during the making of this session, or at least the damage isn't apparent. No animal was harmed either, although John Murphy's beautiful dog paid us a visit and was heavily petted! 


Mayur is a commercial photographer in Nashville Tennessee. You can see more of his advertising and product photography work on his website.