3 Things To Look For In A Quality Headshot


A quality headshot is the perfect cornerstone on which to build a marketing plan for businesses of any size.  Whether you use your headshots to introduce yourself, or to foster trust and professionalism in your team, many times a contact’s first exposure to the friendly faces in your business is through a headshot.  That being said, what makes a quality headshot?  What is going to take a potential contact from the “About Us” page to the “Contact Us” page?

For us at Nashbox Studios, there are 3 key things that can make or break a headshot, and take a contact from potential to actual!

We achieve the perfect posture for you to get a great business headshot in Nashville

Authentically You

The first, and arguably most important feature of a quality headshot is you! And not just any you, the real you!  A genuine expression and genuine connection leap off the page in a photograph.  Building a connection with a camera is difficult for many people, so we work hard to develop a connection with all of our subjects!  Whether that is through Mayur’s terrible jokes, or my charming anecdotes, we try our best to have our subjects finish their session feeling comfortable and with a laugh!

Picture Perfect Posture

Your Mama always told you to stand up straight, and in the professional world, good posture will serve you well!  Good posture projects confidence, professionalism, and know-how to the people around you, and that is exactly what you would want your professional photo to convey to your audience.  Displaying this in a photo, however, may not be as straightforward as it seems!  Often, to create the best photos for our clients, we say things like, “lean a little forward on your front foot,” and “chin down a tiny bit.” We have found that picture posture is an art all its own!

The first, and arguably most important feature of a quality headshot is you! And not just any you, the real you! 

Right Lighting

The right lighting matters when is comes to get great Nashville headshots

Headshots can seem to be a one-size-fits-all product, but with controlled and styled lighting, a headshot can portray a huge amount of individuality.  But not all lighting styles are appropriate for the image or industry someone is trying to represent.  Imagine a family counselor with one side of their face in shadow, or a crime novelist on a brightly lit sky blue background.  Sure, they may be great pictures, but the lighting may not be appropriate to the image these people want to portray.  Now, flip those lighting schemes, and then you have it!  An impactful image that enforces your brand image and authority.

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